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Pentagon justifies military expansion in Africa as key to ‘global strategy’

The Pentagon is calling for an increase in the US military footprint in Africa, where there are over 6,000 troops currently stationed. This as a top general confirms the four US soldiers killed in Niger were ambushed by an Islamic State-affiliate. Speaking from the Pentagon on Monday, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General […]


Murder trial begins for illegal immigrant who sparked ‘sanctuary city’ debate

Jurors in the trial of an illegal immigrant charged with the 2015 murder of a 32-year-old San Francisco woman were told to ignore both immigration and gun control. The suspect had been deported from the US five times, but kept returning to the “sanctuary city.” Opening statements in the trial of Jose Ines Garcia Zarate […]


Dismantling MS-13 priority for DOJ organized crime unit – Sessions

By designating MS-13 a priority for the Justice Department’s organized crime unit, US Attorney General Jeff Sessions has directed officials to pursue a roster of possible charges during prosecutions, including racketeering, gun and tax law violations. “MS-13 threatens the lives and well-being of each and every family and each and every neighborhood that they infest,” […]


Democratic lobbyist Tony Podesta targeted in ‘Trump-Russia’ probe

Published time: 23 Oct, 2017 19:38 Edited time: 23 Oct, 2017 19:38 Special Counsel Robert Mueller has reportedly begun looking at Tony Podesta, a Democratic lobbyist and brother of HIllary Clinton’s campaign chairman, as part of his probe into “Russian meddling” in the 2016 US presidential election. The probe into Podesta and his lobbying firm, […]


‘Racist’ cotton-picking song sparks outrage at Ohio middle school

Published time: 23 Oct, 2017 17:38 An eighth-grade choir’s song about picking cotton sparked cries of racism and at least one walk out at an Ohio middle school. ‘Cotton Needs Pickin’ was performed at the Springfield Middle School in Lucas County on Thursday. Nicole Maulsby posted a video of the song performance on Facebook, but […]


McCain blasts draft-dodging Trump for Vietnam ‘bone spur’ excuse

Arizona Senator John McCain appears to have taken a swipe at President Donald Trump for avoiding the army draft during the Vietnam War. In an interview aired on C-Span on Sunday, McCain criticized those who were able to avoid serving in the military by citing medical conditions in comments about draft deferment. “One aspect of […]


Afghan-style West Africa invasion played out in US war college drill

A simulation game for US war-college students prepared participants for an invasion of West Africa in response to a terrorist attack on US soil, investigative news website The Intercept reports. The hypothetical scenario involved a populist president reacting to a domestic terrorist attack by starting a war in West Africa. The war is touted as […]


‘Quarantine for HIV patients’: GOP lawmaker defends ‘provocative’ comments

Georgia Representative Betty Price, wife of former Health Secretary Tom Price, has defended herself for suggesting people with HIV should be quarantined and surveilled, claiming her remarks were “provocative.” Price invited outcry when she mentioned quarantines as a way to stop the spread of HIV in the state of Georgia on Tuesday. The lawmaker and […]

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