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Trump administration report blames immigrants for terrorism

Three out of four people convicted of international terrorism or terrorism-related offenses were “immigrants,” a new report by the Justice Department and the Department of Homeland Security has claimed. The DOJ broadly defines “immigrants” as both the people extradited to the US for trial and immigrants arrested in US.   The report, issued Tuesday, is in […]


‘New California’ declares independence from state, blames high taxes & poor services

A group hoping to breakaway from California because of high taxes and their unhappiness with how the state is run has declared independence for ‘New California.’ The group’s leaders released a Declaration of Independence on Monday in the hopes that it will eventually lead to independence from the state capitol, Sacramento. Unlike the Calexit movement, […]


Spending at Trump properties raise questions about conflicts of interest – report

Dozens of foreign governments, trade groups are using Trump properties for accommodation and events, raising questions about a possible conflict of interest regarding the president, an ethics group says. “The Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC has become the central location for currying favor with President Trump,” wrote Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, […]


Fake news media’s ‘Russia hoax’ is dead, says Trump

US President Donald Trump has said that the allegations of his campaign colluding with Russia by the “fake news media” are “dead”, as his former chief strategist Steve Bannon is set to testify before Congress and a grand jury. Taking to his favorite social media platform, the POTUS accused the mainstream media of pushing conspiracy […]


‘An unjust law’: 9 charged with feeding homeless in California

Nine activists with the advocacy group Break the Ban have been charged for feeding the homeless after a California city passed a law banning the charitable act following a massive Hepatitis A outbreak. The activists’ were arrested and charged with misdemeanors after they handed out food in Wells Park in El Cajon, California, San Diego […]


Chicago airport issues measles alert days after exposure

Passengers at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport were exposed to the measles, according to state health officials, who confirmed an international traveler arrived in the US with the highly contagious disease. On Sunday, the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) released a measles alert, warning travelers that an individual with a confirmed case of the measles […]


Florida prisoners launch month-long work strike to protest ‘slave labor’

Inmates across Florida have begun striking over work conditions they say amount to “modern day slavery.” The prisoners are refusing to take part in work assignments until they are paid and other demands are met. On Monday, Florida prisoners launched a large scale work strike that organizers said will last at least a month. Last […]

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